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Located in the south of France, bathed in the sun of the Aude and in the shade of the ramparts of Carcassonne, Anagath' transmits the colors and the warmth of Occitania in the creation where art disputes it in the way, dexterity to poetry and fantasy to technique.
Born from the passion of its founder for the artisanal creation of jewellery, Anagath' succeeds the Atelier de Chifou, which continues to exist and continues to offer a range of creations for all budgets and all tastes, respecting the choice and quality of materials.


It was in Carcassonne, in the Aude region, that I was born. Land of history, land of legends, land of passions where the sun makes stones, colors and hearts burst.

I know the colors, the light and the reflections of this earth. Those of the Canal du Midi on a spring morning, those of the Pyrenees on fire in the twilight of a summer day, those of the plane trees, the vines, the towers of our castles, citadels and villages.
There is material here to forge characters but also material for mystery and dreams which naturally lead to imagination and creativity.
It is therefore this land that inspired me when, ten years ago, I began to create jewelry until it became my profession. Metals, leather, pearls, glass, my materials merge and mingle for the greatest pleasure of all, so that everyone finds there the extra soul that he came to seek but also that which he will bring.

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